LoRa Urban Range test using RAK811

Hi Readers,

Yet another post on range testing of LoRa, this time using RAK811. The range test is done using RAK811 with 3dBi and 5dBi gain antennas and the results are compared. We are using 865-867 ISM Band. The range test is conducted with two RAK811 modules in LoRaP2P profile where one acts as transmitter and other as receiver.


We used the maximum range settings using AT command configuration in RAK811 module. The settings used are as below.

  • SF – 12
  • Code Rate – 4/8
  • Bandwidth – 125KHz
  • Frequency – 865.7 MHz
  • Power – 20dB

Antennas we used for testing

  • 3dBi Antenna bought from RAK (Antenna included with the module)
  • 5dBi Antenna bought from Eteily Technologies(purchase link below)

From the results mentioned below, we can say that there is great improvement using the 5dBi antenna over 3dBi antenna.

Image on right uses 3dBi and on left uses the 5dBi antenna.

Results are consolidated in the table below.

Way PointUsing 3 DBi Antenna(in meters)Using 5dbi Antenna(in meters)
Elementz Office to Railway Station250450
Elementz Office to Housing Board Building260477
Elementz Office to EastFort245310

Important Links

Sample codes: https://github.com/elementzonline/Arduino-Sample-Codes/tree/master/LoRa_RangeTest/RAK81

RAK811 Purchase Link: https://www.elementzonline.com/index.php

Antenna Purchase: http://www.eteily.com/home/47-866mhz-5dbi-rubber-duck-antenna-sma-male-movable-connector.html

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