Using 4G VoLTE JIO SIM with SIMCOM SIM7600

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This post is to give information on how the VoLTE to be enabled for working with Jio Sim. Simcom SIM7600 uses the Qualcomm processor at its heart, and the QPST Flash tool provided by Qualcomm is required for enabling the VoLTE facility. The mbn file specified in this post is specifically for Reliance Jio which uses VoLTE for voice call. The instructions in this page will work with Quectel EC-25 modem as well.

As the Qualcomm restricts the public access to the tool, ElementzOnline users can get the tool and detailed information on using the tool by contacting our technical support.

Making VoLTE to work with Quectel EC25-E modem

Step1: Connect the USB port of EC25-E modem.

User may need to install the Windows driver if doing for the first time. The drivers can be downloaded from the Quectel product page(link at the end of this post).

Step2: Install the Qualcomm QPST and select the correct device in the PDC tool as shown below.

Step3: Upload the mbn file specific to Reliance Jio and activate the mbn file.

For this first upload the file. Then right click the uploaded file entry and select sbn0. Finally press Activate button.

Step4: Restart the module and insert the Jio Sim.

After successfully completing these steps the voice call should be working.

Call can be checked using the below AT command

ATD<mobile number>;

Modem should respond with “OK”

Important Links

Reliance Jio mbm file for SIM7600:

Product Purchase:

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    • The SIM7600E and EC-25 uses same Qualcomm chipset. So the instructions are same. Before commenting offensively like this I suggest you to ask for any clarification. If this is the way you interact in social blogs, better see a psychiatrist.

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