Sharing internet from SIM7600 4G-GSM Modem

Hi everyone, this post is intended to show you how to connect SIM7600E modem for internet connectivity in Linux bases OS. The function could easily be realized by AT command interface provided in SIM7600 series module via USB interface. We have tested the procedure in Ubuntu/Linuxmint OS and Windows 8.1/10.


The SIM7600E is Multi-Band LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE module solution in a SMT type which supports LTE CAT1 up to 10Mbps for downlink data transfer. SIM7600 use HSIC interface to connect with LAN9730. Customer can use it to get a network. There are two modes supported. Wan mode and LAN mode. Customer can use AT command to change the mode. For sharing the net to PC, the Wan mode has to be used.

PC use the SIM7600 to get network through network line.

Step 1: Connect the USB port of SIM7600 to PC through USB cable.

Step 2: Connect the USB-to-Serial converter to the AT command port. Commands mentioned in Step 3 and 4 should be given through this port.

Step3: AT commands to change the network mode

SIM7600E Module works in wan mode in default. You can check the current mode using
Module should respond with
OK, 1

If the module is not in Wan mode then the mode can be switched using the following command.
Atfter run this command, module will restart automatically, then the module will work in wan mode.

Important Note: Make sure that you are connecting the modem in WAN mode(AT+CLANMODE=1) to get internet in PC.

Step 4: AT commands to enable LAN

LAN9730 is not opened in default, if want to open the LAN9730, you can run
AT+CENABLELAN=1 After run this command, the module will restart automatically, then the LAN9730 will be opened.

Linux Section

This AT command installs the required drivers for connecting the modem. You can check it using dmesg command in linux terminal

Now you can see the a new mobile broadband network connection in network settings. You may need some additional settings in your PC to enable mobile broadband if not connected by default.

Also check using ifconfig command to see whether a new network device is detected.

In Ubuntu/Linuxmint
Go to network connections and click the plus button on bottom left.

Select the connection type as mobile broadband

Select the required details like your country and service provider and billing plan.
Confirm all details and click apply

Save the settings and continue

Windows Section

Install the required drivers. Link Below

Go to network & Internet settings

Select cellular and click Advanced options

Click “Add an APN” and set the APN as internet(for idea 4g network)

Save APN settings and apply as default.  

Important Links:

SIMCOM Website:

Drivers and Samples:
Product page:

One thought on “Sharing internet from SIM7600 4G-GSM Modem

  1. I got two observation for my simcom module. And I conform I am using old firmware.
    By using this firmware I unable to do the SSL/TLS configuration
    But, my requirement I want to configure TLS MQTT Server.

    And also I got confused with this command,

    And I know TLS configuration done once update module firmware,
    But, I don’t know, how to configure this following server?


    But, This is not the proper as per the document CMQTTCONNECT command begin with “tcp://”

    Please provide your feedback.

    1, Without TLS (old firmware)

    toradex_apalis6q:/ # echo -e “ATI\r\n” > /dev/ttyUSB3
    toradex_apalis6q:/ #
    Model: SIMCOM_SIM7600E-H
    Revision: SIM7600M22_V1.1
    IMEI: 867584030013333
    +GCAP: +CGSM,+DS,+ES


    Click to access SIM7500_SIM7600%20Series_MQTT_ATC_V1.01.pdf

    2. With TLS (new firmware)


    Click to access SIM7500_SIM7600_SIM7800%20Series_MQTT_AT%20Command%20Manual_V1.00.pdf

    Thanks & Regards,

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