Getting Location (Latitude & Longitude) information from SIM800 & SIM900 GSM Modems without GPS/GNSS facility

Hi guys,

This post will give you an idea about how to locate the local tower location associated with your GSM transceiver. Almost all SIM800 series and SIM900 series support this functionality.

So hook it up with your computer!!

You will be needing a USB to TTL converter to connect the modem to a computer. Please checkout previous posts to know how.

Now open up any terminal window, And send the following AT commands. Here I am using Putty.

AT+CGATT =1 // to attach GPRS.

AT+SAPBR =3,1,”CONTYPE”,”GPRS” //activate bearer profile.




AT+CIPGSMLOC=1,1 //to get gsm location, time and date.

AT+CIPGSMLOC=2,1 //to get gsm time and date

AT+SAPBR =0,1 //to deactivate bearer profile.

If everything works fine, then your terminal will look as follows:

So if everything goes well, you will get the longitude and latitude of your cell tower in degrees.

If something went wrong then GSM will reply as:

+CME ERROR:<err>

<err>     type

404       Not Found

408       Request time out

601       Network Error

602       No memory

603       DNS error

604       Stack Busy

Be sure to leave comments if you found this helpful.


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