API for e-Tracker …..


Hi friends, The  API for e-Tracker board is now available for users for beta testing. This step will make the e-Tracker  more suitable to integrate it with your software. Using the API key you can receive the GPS/GNSS data from the deployed e-Trackers.

The e-Tracker API account offers features like position tracking and real time tracking. You can track devices with their IMEI number.


But for working with the API you have to follow the below steps.

  1. Go to our git-hub repository https://github.com/elementzonline/eTracker.
  2. Download the e-Tracker firmware and the documents.
  3. Upload the firmware to the e-Tracker board. How to upload the firmware to the  board and other details are provided in the documents downloaded.
  4. Go to our e-Tracker API site. The steps for creating the account are explained in detail in the downloaded documents.
  5. First you have to submit the account for approval. Once we approve the account you can start using the account.
  6. The help for using API key is provided in the account that is created by you. Follow the instructions for receiving the data.


Happy testing!!!!!!!!


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