Configuring SIM808 for Audio Output: AT Commands

Hello everyone,

In this post you will be familiarized with the steps to configure SIM808 for obtaining audio output.  The connections required and the AT commands aiding this capability will be explained as well.


Hardware Prerequisite:

  1. SIM808 . It is readily available on our online Store.
  2. USB to TTL converter or CP2102. You can buy this also from our online Store by clicking here.
  3. Jumper wires.
  4. 12V/1A dc adapter.


Software Prerequisite:

  1. PuTTy a terminal emulator.Download link is available from here.


Follow my lead carefully,

Step 1:Hardware connection require connecting USB to TTL converter with SIM808. Rx pin and Tx pin of USB to TTL converter are connected to TxD pin and RxD pin of SIM808 respectively. Insert SIM card into sim slot.




Step 2:Connect your microphone to mic input and speaker or head set to speaker output pin.

Step 3 : Connect USB to TTL converter to your computer. Provide 12V supply to SIM808. Switch ON its power button.

Step  4:Download and open putty. Click  Serial button for enabling serial communication. Select the communication port and set baud rate as 9600. Click OPEN.

Step 5:Type the following AT commands:-

AT    // press enter

OK   //OK response received from SIM808

ATD 94XXXXXXXX;  //if call is required to be initiated from SIM808 to another number

OK  //OK response received from SIM808

When call is connected you can speak through microphone and listen with the help of speaker.


If a call is initiated from some other number to SIM808,”RING” appears in putty. You can answer the call by punching in the AT command:

ATA  //press enter

OK  //OK response received from SIM808


AT+CLIP=1    //to display caller phone number

Hope, you are clear with the connections and AT commands. Bye for now, see you soon in yet another post.


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