Interfacing SD-card with e-Tracker

Hi Everyone, in this post I will show you how to prepare the e-Tracker board to work with an SD card. The e-Tracker board contains a SIM808 GSM module. The board utilizes the capability of SIM808 module for interfacing the SD card.  That allows more program memory of Atmega328 in the e-tracker to be used for other purposes.

Previously we have posted how to interface SD card with SIM800 GSM modem.


To prepare the e-Tracker for SD card interface follow the below steps.

Things you need

  1. A PC or Laptop
  2. USB to TTL (you can buy one from here).
  3. Serial monitoring software like Putty.
  4. SD card formatted as FAT32 partition.

Insert the SD card in the SD card slot on the bottom side of the e-Tracker. Then power up the board.


Connect the Tx of SIM808 in e-Tracker to the Rx of USB to TTL and Rx of SIM808 in e-Tracker to Tx of USB to TTL. Also connect the Ground pins of both boards together.

You can access the UART pin of SIM808 on the e-Tracker as shown in the below figure


Now connect the USB to TTL converter to the PC/Laptop and open the COM port using Putty


Now in the terminal type


And press “Enter”

The module will reply with “OK”

Then restart the module by typing


Now wait for a few seconds for the modem to restart.

Now type the following AT command to check whether the module has detected the SD card


You will get a reply showing the Memory size of the Default memory (C: drive) and The SD card (Probably as D: drive).

Now you are done. The e-Tracker is prepared for interfacing SD card.

All other AT commands for SD card operation are similar to that of SIM800. You can get an idea about these commands from here.

For more details about the e-Tracker visit our wiki here.


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