e-Tracker – Our new General purpose Hackable GPS Tracking Board!

Hello technical enthusiasts,

We are developing new GPS tracking hardware which can be customised to meet a variety of use cases such as Vehicle tracking, Asset tracking, GPS data logger, File up-loader, Over-the-Air programming, Remote sensor monitoring etc. We also provide dedicated technical support for using the hardware/IOT/Server side software and developing your own solutions.


Hobbyists who are interested in developing the firmware can fork our GitHub repository and add contribute to the development of a full-fledged ecosystem. Small size and customisability are the advantages of the e-Tracker hardware.

And believe us – It’s much smaller than a credit card.!!

Shown below is the 3-D model of the GPS tracking hardware.


E-Tracker Features

  • Based on SIM808 GSM/GPS/GNSS/Bluetooth module

  • Power supply: 5V – 60V DC (more than 24V requires heat sink)
  • Li-ion battery of capacity more than 3000 mAh supported
  • Builtin charging circuit for Li-ion battery with charging current 1 Ampere
  • LED indications for GSM-STATUS, NETWORK, POWER and GPS
  • UFL connectors for GSM/GPS/Bluetooth
  • Builtin Atmega328 with Arduino Core support for programming
  • Configurable through hardware and software serial
  • SD card support
  • Sensor expansion through 12-GPIO pin, 6-ADC pins, 1-I2C bus, 1-SPI bus

We are developing the starter codes for using the GSM/GPPRS/Email/GPS/SDcard and is making it opensource. The electronics hobbyists and professionals can use these libraries as a starting point to develop the firmware for suiting their purpose.

Following are the Examples that we have already developed.

  • GSM functionalities such as Call, SMS
  • Email functionality
  • GPS data logging
  • GPRS connectivity examples
  • Web access through HTML Get request
  • GPS data uploader through GET request

Following libraries are required to be developed- ToDo

  • TCP data connectivity
  • FTP data upload
  • GPRS transparent mode
  • MQTT library implementation

Links: GitHub Repository


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