Programming ESP8266 WeMos – D1 R2 using Arduino IDE

Hi everyone,

      I am very glad to guide you through the basic installation steps and the procedure to upload programs to the new ESP8266 based Arduino WiFi board using Micro USB: WeMos D1.



Hardware Requirements:-

  • A WeMos D1 R2 board (You can buy it from our Store)

A niche profile of the board:-


  • Micro USB cable for connecting your PC and the board.

Software Requirements:-


  • Arduino IDE 1.6.4 or its newer versions- (Download it from here)

Follow these steps to do your first programming in WeMos D1 using Arduino IDE:-

  1. Download and Install Arduino IDE 1.6.4 or its higher versions. The latest version is available in the Arduino website. (Installation steps are available here)

  2. After installation open the IDE,Go to File>Preferences. A dialog box appears. In this box, an additional board manager URL text box is present.

    Copy and paste the following URL in the box and click OK to download the packages.


  3. Next, go to Tools>Board>Board Manager in your Arduino IDE.The Boards Manager window appears as below. Scroll down the boards in the board manager to select ESP8266 from the list of available boards. Click on install to begin the installation.





  4. After installation for uploading your first program select the type of WeMos D1 board from the Tools>Boards section in your Arduino IDE. You can select WeMos D1 R2 if you have an R2 ,else you can go for WeMos D1 (Retired).


  5. Connect the board to your PC using the micro USB cable. Select the port to which the board is connected in the Tools>Port section.


  6. Now open File>Examples>In the section containing Examples of Wemos D1(Retired) open ESP8266>Blink. This opens the blink program for WeMos D1 board.


  7. Uploading the sketch to the board blinks the LED_BUILTIN.



Congratulations,you just did the basic Blink program using WeMos D1.

I hope you are now clear with the installation procedure and basic program uploading procedure of WeMos D1 R2 or WeMos D1(Retired). Keep following us for new updates.







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