The New GSM Test Utility From Elementz

Elementz has released our new GSM test utility, which is more user friendly and loaded with a lot of features. Above all the source code of the software is available for users to customize the utility according to their needs. The software is developed using python27 and Qt Designer. Those who wish to run the software in their computer must have these dependancies installed. Or you can install PythonXY which has both python and Qt Designer in the bundle.Front_panel

The software front panel look likes this. You can select the port to which the GSM Modem is connected. and can choose the baud rate for communication from the front panel. You can see these settings done in the following figure. The software also accommodates a serial monitor to show the data through selected port.

The serial port shows “Port Open” when connected and “Port closed” When disconnected.


The utility has a Geek Mode in which the user can send AT commands directly to the GSM modem.


The reply of these commands are shown in the serial monitor.

There are independent tabs for calling and texting SMS in the utility. The utility gives a pop up when ever an incoming call is received.


The other features of the utility allows the user to exploit the networking capabilities of the GSM modem. It offers services like HTTP, TCP/UDP, FTP.


The download link and source code will be available soon!!!!


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