Setting up Raspberry PI Zero!!!!

The much – awaited raspberry pi zero is now in market. You can Order one for your own from our store. With its very low price and very small size, it is going to start a new revolution in the embedded systems world.



Size comparison: Raspberry Pi A+ and Zero


This post is intended to give the pi zero users an idea about how to set up Raspbian OS using NOOBS in raspberry pi zero. It is no different from other Pi models.

The raspberry Pi zero comes with some accessories such as

  1. A Mini HDMI
  2. A micro USB adaptor



Other than these you will need

  1. A USB Hub (To connect more than one USB devices such as Keyboard and Mouse, since Zero comes with only one USB port).
  2. A  USB keyboard.
  3. A Monitor that supports HDMI connection (If the monitor supports only VGA then you can use an HDMI to VGA converter).
  4. HDMI cable (or HDMI to VGA converter cable).
  5. last but not the least a memory card (at least 8GB and class 4)

You can buy the NOOBS preloaded SD card from our store . Else you will have to download the NOOBS from Raspberry Pi official site. Remember that you will have to download the offline installer file. The latest version NOOBS V 1.9.0 is available now.

Once you downloaded the NOOBS plug in the memory card to your system (i.e. to your computer not to the pi zero.)


Right  click on the SD card icon and select format.


Select FAT32 file system and press “Start”


Once formatting is complete copy the extracted NOOBS content to your memory card.


Here I’ve copied the extracted contents of NOOBS V 1.9.0 to the SD card. Now safely remove the memory card. and plug it into the Raspberry pi zero SD card slot.


Now before powering up the Pi zero Connect the Monitor and keyboard. Then connect the adaptor.



Now switch on the power. The green LED in the zero will turn ON when power is ON. It will then turn off for a while and then will start blinking again. Don’t forget to power on the monitor also.  Now wait till the monitor shows selection option for the OS.


press Enter to select the OS now an ‘x’ mark appears in the check box.


Now press ‘I’ on the keyboard to begin installation of Raspbian OS. A popup appears with a warning. Press yes to continue the installation process.pressok

Now the installation begins and it will take some time.After the installation is complete another window popups noting that the  OSes installed successfully.



Press ‘OK’ and wait till the desktop appears. If asks for a Username and password type in

User Name : pi

Password : raspberry

And in some case you will have to type  ‘startx’ and press enter to load the graphical user interface. Now the desktop appears.


All the best. Enjoy your Pi!!!!!!!!


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