Elementz – SD Card Playback Module

Elementz SD Card playback module is a handy little module used for playing media files or sound files stored on your SD card with Arduino, PIC, AVR or any microcontroller with UART interface. The module works at 9600 baud rate and has numerous options for controlling the playback.


Basic Features:

  • 5 Volt operation
  • UART and address selection support
  • Supports all SDHC cards
  • Maximum usable memory of 4GB
  • Supports WAV file format – Uncompressed, 8-bit
  • Supports both Stereo and mono sounds
  • Free MP3 to WAV file converter for SD card playback module
  • Compatible with PIC, ARM, AVR, 8051 ICs and supports Arduino platform

Pinout and Description

  • VCC: Power supply input pins for the controller. 5V DC supply is to be given
  • GND: This is the ground (0V reference)supply pin.


  • RX: Serial receive pin(TTL level – 5V/3.3V compatible)
  • TX: Serial transmit pin(TTL level – 5V/3.3V compatible)
  • NEXT, PREV – Next and Previous file playback
  • PLAY – Play/Stop control
  • AD0-AD4 – Address selection pin for playback
  • SPKL/SPKR – Speaker left and right for connecting Headset/Speaker

SD Card playback module Software is designed to convert the mp3 files into compatible uncompressed 8-bit WAV files. It can be downloaded from our GitHub channel

A comprehensive manual is also available in this link for making the things working easily.


Converter software : GitHub Link

Wiki Page: UserGuide

Product Page: ElementzOnline


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