Elementz WiFi Switch – Automate your home!!

WiFi Switch is an electronic device, which replaces your usual electrical switch in home, office, etc. It can control using your android smart phone remotely, using our android application E-switch. You can SCHEDULE the ON time and OFF time of this switch. You can control the device using more than one smart phone. To ensure the security, a password protection is also given.


  • Remote control of electrical devices using  smart phones
  • Two devices can be controlled
  • You can ON/OFF or SCHEDULE the device separately, with repeat option in days
  • Distance between the device and the smart phone is only limited by the WiFi range
  • You can change the password if required, to ensure security
  • Easy installation, easy handling and can be activated immediately
  • WiFi routers or Internet connections are not required to operate the device
  • Device status can seen in android application

How to use:

  • Install the E-Switch Android application in your smart phone(E-switch.apk) from this link
  • Connect the device plug to the electrical socket (230V AC )
  • Search for the WiFi signal from your smart phone and connect to it


  • Open E-switch application in your smart phone; click “Password” from option Menu.


  • Type ‘00000’ in password field. Then press the set button. Once connection is established, the application will update the status information from the device.


  • Now you can ON/OFF or SCHEDULE the device
  • Press the ON/OFF button, to turn ON or OFF the device. (The ON/OFF button is active only when the corresponding scheduler button is in off position).
  • Press SCHEDULE button, to SCHEDULE the ON/OFF time, day. Then a new page will open, as shown in figure.


  • In this page you can give the required start time, stop time (Note: 24hour format) and days in the week. Press the set button. Now in the next page you can see the SCHEDULE details.


  • If you are controlling some electrical devices such as tv, motor etc, you can give the name in the android application itself. Default name will be Appliance 1 and Appliance 2. Just give a long press over the name Appliance 1, and then you can edit the name.


  • There is a dedicated RTC(Real Time Clock) in the device, which used to update the time in the device. You can check and update RTC time. Press the “RTC time” in option menu.


  • If it is not correct, press the tick button (RTC Time set) and press the SET button. Now the RTC time of the device is updated from smart phone. (Now the RTC time is same to the phone time).

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