Bulk Messenger- A Utility for Sending Bulk SMS from MS Office Excel file using PC/Laptop

This post is intended to introduce a utility software “Bulk Messenger” that can be used to send bulk SMS from PC or Laptop with a single click. What you need is a windows PC/Laptop with Microsoft Excel, Bulk Messenger Utility and a GSM modem. The numbers to which the SMSs are to be send and the content of the SMS are first saved in an excel sheet.  Bulk Messenger imports the list of numbers and contents from the excel file and send SMS to the listed numbers at once. The Excel sheet is updated based on the delivery status of the message. The software can be used to send independent messages also.

Main Start-up Screen

The Bulk Messenger window opens up as below


Connect the GSM module through the serial port (USB port). To connect the software to the GSM modem click the Connect button.  If the connection is not successful, it will show an error response. You can select the right port by pressing the scan button.



To send Bulk SMSs select the Bulk SMS tab. Then select the excel file with the mobile numbers and SMS content using the Browse button and press Open. The Bulk Messenger loads the details from the excel file.


You should fill the Excel sheet with Number and content as shown below. The first column should contain the mobile numbers, the second column should contain the SMS content.


For Sending the SMS, Just click the SEND_SMS button.


If sending message is failed for some numbers the Bulk Messenger will show  the retry option to send the unsuccessful messages. The numbers to which the SMSs are delivered are avoided at this time.


The Messenger updates the excel sheet with the message status.


Single SMS Tab

Using The Single SMS Tab we can send independent SMSs. Type in the Phone Number and Message and press SEND.


2 thoughts on “Bulk Messenger- A Utility for Sending Bulk SMS from MS Office Excel file using PC/Laptop

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