Scorpion Board – The 16 Servo Motor Controller Board

Well the good news is Elementz Engineers Guild have introduced the new Scorpion board which can be used to control 16 servos at the same time. It comes with a very affordable price and a good design. This post is intended to give an idea about how the scorpion board can be used.


Powering the Board: The power to the board is given using the supply pins shown in below figure. 5V supply is preferred.


Connecting the servo to the Scorpion board: The servo motor can be directly connected to the Scorpion board as shown below.


Powering the connected servos:  The power to the servo motor is given using the Supply input pins for servos. The connections can be made as shown in below figure. The supply used for powering the servo motor must have enough current rating.


Connecting the Scorpion Board to the computer: The instructions to the scorpion board is given serially using UART communication. The instruction sets are explained in the user manual. The  Scorpion board can be connected to the computer using a USB to UART converter as shown below


Giving Instructions: Open the serial port using any hyper terminal software like putty and type in the instructions as per your requirement. For correct instructions the board returns “OK” and if error occurs it displays what error has occurred as shown below.


Connecting to microcontrollers:  The scorpion board can be connected to any microcontroller using the controller’s UART pins.

Now start experiments with the new Scorpion board and enjoy!!!!

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