Sending an e-mail using python code

This is a simple tutorial which will enable you to send an email using a simple python code.  The code is shown below.


Each command of the above code is explained below

1: import “smtplib”

SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol is a protocol, which handles sending email and routing email between mail servers. “smtplib” is a native library in python and there is no need to install external libraries.

Python has “smtp” library which defines a SMTP client that can be used to send email to any internet machine.

2: server = smtplib.SMTP(‘host’, port)

Host: This is the host running your SMTP server. You can specify IP address of the host or a domain name like “” or “”

Port: You have to specify the port where the “smtp” is listening. Usually the port is 587.

3: server.starttls()

This step is a security function to protect your password. “STARTTLS” is an extension to plain text communication protocols, which offers a way to upgrade a plain text connection to an encrypted (TLS or SSL) connection instead of using a separate port for encrypted communication.

4: server.login(“YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS”, “PASSWORD”)

Provide your email address and password in the required field. This is from where you send the email.

5: msg = “Subject: SMTP test mail

                This mail is send using python”

In the field provided for message type the required message to be sent.


The senders and recipients email Ids are given in the required fields.

7: server.quit( )

          To disconnect from the server use this command.

The received email by using the above code will be as below.


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