Installing Elementz AVR-USB Programmer Driver in Windows 8

Often installing the driver software for Elementz AVR-USB programmer faces problems due to windows driver signature enforcement. This post is to show how to disable the driver signature enforcement in Windows 8.

  • figure_1If the driver software is not installed correctly it will show an exclamation mark as below.


  • Go to the menu as shown below by either pressing ‘Windows+C’ key together or by moving the mouse pointer in to the bottom right corner of the screen. Select the ‘Gear’ shaped icon from the listing


  • Select ‘Change PC settings’ from the next screen


  • Go to ‘General settings’


  • Under ‘Advanced startup’ select ‘Restart now’


  • In the next screen select ‘Troubleshoot’


  • Select ‘Advanced options’ in the next screen


  • Choose ‘Startup Settings’ from the options


  • Press ‘Restart’ in the next screen


  • Now the computer will reboot and the following screen appears. Where 7th option is to ‘disable driver signature enforcement’. Press F7 to choose the option. The computer now continues to windows


  • Now connect the Elementz AVR-USB programmer and go to device manager. Right click on the driver symbol with exclamation mark and select update software


  • From the window select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’


  • Choose the folder where driver software is located. Tick the check box aside ‘include subfolders’ and press Next


  • Now the driver software will be installed. If the windows security popup appears select ‘install this software anyway’.
  • Now you can see Elementz AVR-USB programmer in your devices list under libsub-win32 devices.


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