How to update the ESP8266 Module’s firmware

Depending on where you bought the ESP8266 module, it comes with a different firmware. Some firmwares are set to 9600 baud rate, but the majority of the modules, are set for 115200 baud. You can check firmware version by Sending AT+GMR. Then how to Update firmware.

ESP8266 Firmware Update

Required Hardware connection:


Above is the pin diagram for ESP8266.Where the connection made as

  • VCC to 3.3V
  • GND to ground
  • TXD to RX, RXD to TX
  • GPIO0 to ground (When the firmware upgraded, After all upgrade have been completed the GPIO0 pin is disconnected)

User can use CP2102 based USB to serial converter for changing firmware in ESP8266. One can purchase the serial converter from our store.

Note: For some modules, 3.3 Volt output from CP2102 converter will not be sufficient to provide the working current for ESP8266. So it is always better to opt for external 3.3 Volt supply. Make sure you make the ground common.

Flashing the  firmware :

  1. Download flash utility software

  1. Download latest v0.9.5.2 Firmware

  1. Start flash utility software


Configure the COM Port and Baud rate

  1. Load the downloaded image(.bin ) file


  1. Click on “FLASH” and wait for the flashing to complete


  1. When complete the flashing, Unplug the USB, remove GPIO0 from the ground and restart the ESP8266 module.

Useful Link



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