Working with WTV-040 Sound Record and Playback Module

WTV-040 is low cost sound record and playback module which can be used to play 32 different sounds using 5-bit address pins. The module works with 3.3V supply, but the adaptor makes it compatible for both 5V as well as 3.3 volt application using on-board regulator. The control pins include Play, Record and Erase pins.

It can be purchased from the this link.

WTV 040 1

The pin description are as follows.

1) Record — should be hold towards ground(0V from uC output) for recording sound in address selected with (A0-A4)

2) Play — 100 ms low pulse to begin playback with sound selected by address (A0-A4)

3) Erase — Erase pin 100 ms low pulse to erase sound record selected by address P03 ∼ P07. Keeping low for 3 seconds erase all the voice files.

4) Address (A0-A4) – Address selection header

Labelled pin diagram can be seen below.

WTV 04 Watermarked

Audio can be input through condenser mic.

Following Audio jack pinout and labels may also be helpful for getting started.


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