Programming PIC microcontrollers using USBPICPROG

This is the intended to help users to program Pic ICs using USBPICPROG programmer.

PIC programmer can be connected using five pin connector to the target board. The connection can be tested using the Autodetect feature in USBPICPROG software. Use the Autodetect button from Actions –> Autodetect.

On successful connection  the IC model will be displayed at the bottom right corner of the status bar.

Refer the figure for example.


For programming the ICs, instructions are as follows,

Open the hex file using

File –> Open

Action –> Program


Important: Make sure user click the Run button to run the target. Otherwise program will not run rightaway if no external power is connected to the module.


Usermanual and softwares can be downloaded from this link.

Other links:

Github channel:  Software, driver, Usermanual.

Ebay link: USBPICPROG 


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