SIM900 GSM Modem Tester for Linux/Ubuntu

This post is intended to help linux users to use and test GSM Modems connected through virtual COM port in Linux. The source is made available for the user and can be redistributed. The test utility is developed using Python with PySerial and PyQT modules. The code is tested in Ubuntu 12.04 and LinuxMint 17.


Debian distribution

Debian distribution


Below shows a snap shot of the program.



Program Features:

  • Auto scan Serial/COM ports in Linux when clicked on the device COMBO button
  • Configurable Baud Rate
  • Call button needs only Phone number in the Text Box above it.(Command compatible with SIM900 Modules)
  • AT command input support
  • Intelligent button enabling functionality.
  • Serial Data logger
  • Invalid ASCII Data notification– Indicate wrong BaudRate selection

The source code is available through our GITHUB channel.

For users not familiar with Python and configuring python module, a standalone executable with all dependencies is also distributed along with the source code.

For executing the python code use the following command from the Terminal.

tar -xvf GSM_tester_Linux.tar.gz
cd Linux

Note: Users require PyQt and PySerial in the system. The standalone executable is built using pyinstaller utility.

For running the standalone executable use the following commands

cd dist/GSM_ui

chmod 777 +x GSM_ui


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