Programming PIC ICs using USBPicProg

This post is a quick guide to help users program PIC microcontrollers using USBPIC Programmer. Note that an extensive Userguide can be downloaded from our GitHub channel.


IMG_0001 copy

To start programming the first step is to download the necessary driver for your system. Choose the driver which matches the system architecture. ie. whether your system is x86(32 bit) or x64(64 bit).

Note: The driver installation is OS dependent. However the software and hardware usage is same for all OS including Linux. Linux software and installation information can be found from our previous post.

For 32 bit Windows users, download UsbPicProg-x86-0.6.0.exe  and for 64 bit users, download UsbPicProg-amd64-0.6.0.exe.

Check device manager to know whether the driver is correctly installed. It should be dispalyed as follows.


Connect the Programmer to target following the pinout as follows.


IMG_0007 copy

Open the USBPicProg software from Start Menu. load the hex file and start programming your target by clicking Actions –> Program.



Happy programming



Elementz Git Channel — Link

USBPicProg official website — Link

Driver Download — Link1 Link2

Detailed Manual — Link

7 thoughts on “Programming PIC ICs using USBPicProg

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      • Hello Harsha,

        Device PIC24FJ64GA002 is supported. See the complete list below.
        You may use PIN 4 & 5 for PGD and PGC connections(Eventhough others also work). Please see that the VCC is not 5V. So use external source of 3.3V to your board while programming, as our USBPICPROG supplies 5V. Other input pins are 5V tolerant.

        Also see the MCLR/VPP voltage for your device. In case its not 12 V please use a zener diode of suitable value compatible with your device to limit the voltage.

      • Yes I have checked the datasheet. So all pins except Vss (GND) that is PGD, PGC and Vdd have to connected to ground through a 3.3 V Zener? Will that simply work?

        And should all the Vdd and Vss pins be connected to the programmer? The datasheet says something like that.

      • Hello Harsha
        PGD and PGC pins are 5V tolerent. So you may connect these to the programmer directly. You should convert vdd from Usbpicprog to 3.3V using a voltage regulator to power your microcontroller. MCLR/VPP pin can be connected directly.

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