Using XBEE and XBEE PRO in Transparent Mode

The tutorial describes how to use two Zigbee modules for transparent operation, which can be used as a serial port replacement. The test was carried out in Digi’s Xbee Modules, which uses XB24-XB or XBP24-ZB firmware. The configuration is done using free X-CTU software.


Transparent Mode: In this mode the two modules can communicate each other without latency or buffering, and it can be used for a simple serial replacement, so that uart modules can communicate with host MCU without wires. This mode can even be used to program wirelessly(Over the Air Programming) a microcontroller which is running a suitable bootloader!!!

To setup a ZigBee Network, there should be atleast one Coordinator and one Router in the network. So configure the two zigbees using X-CTU software which can be obtained from this link. One should be configured as Coordinator and other as Router. First choose the default AT settings namely “ZIGBEE COORDINATOR AT” and “ZIGBEE ROUTER AT” for each one. Change the Coordinator “DL”(Destination Low) address to “FFFF” from “0” in coordinator zigbee module, and write the changes to it.

Now the configuration is all set for a transparent mode. Just open a serial emulator software of your choice and start sending data to and fro. A light and free serial software can be obtained from here.

Note: Both the modules should be working in same Baud Rate and have same PAN ID.

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